Timber Ridge Trails

unique and dreamy highlight style wedding videos to capture the precious memories of your special day with a motion picture feel.

Highlight style wedding video coverage captures the most memorable moments of your wedding day in a condensed, artistic, and visually stunning way

Creating memories that move you.

Having recently found a passion for film making I am still building my portfolio and growing my experiences. Focusing mostly on wedding videos I have also created a few couples sessions, music videos and promo clips.

lifestyle + couples

music visualizers

brands + promo

capture authentic moments and emotions in a relaxed and natural setting, creating a beautiful visual story that reflects your unique relationship and personality

transform your favorite songs into captivating visual art, creating a unique and mesmerizing experience that brings your music to life through stunning animations and effects

showcase your brand's story, values, and products in a compelling and engaging way to create a memorable and impactful promotional video that resonates with your target audience