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I'm all about capturing life's sweetest moments as a full-time photographer. When the chaos of Covid swept through, I took it as my cue to dive headfirst into my passion. Now, I specialize in documenting the love and joy of weddings, engagements, portraits, and even adding a touch of magic with highlight videography.



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Our family of four began in 2019 when we tied the knot, and it grew in 2020 with our first dog. In 2022, our family welcomed our first baby, adding a whole new dimension of joy and inspiration to my photography. As I witnessed the precious moments and milestones of my own child, my passion for capturing special memories grew even stronger.

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When it comes to my personality, I've been described as sweet, quiet, gentle, patient, and kind. These qualities guide me in creating a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere for my clients, ensuring their experience is filled with warmth and genuine connection.

I love working with clients who share a similar appreciation for the softer, more heartfelt aspects of photography.



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I've always been the artsy, creative type, experimenting with a camera for years, In 2019 I took the plunge and shot my first wedding. The quiet years of the 2020 pandemic became a turning point for me. I decided to put my brand out there and started taking on bookings. It's been an incredible journey, and I'm excited to continue capturing beautiful moments and stories through my lens. I mark 2023 as my first full year photographing weddings, and many more to come!

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