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Portrait Packages:



• 30-45 minutes • 15 photos of your choice • Websize & high res • Online gallery delivery • Personal print release

Price Starts From:





• 45-60 minutes • 30 photos of your choice • Websize & high res • Online gallery delivery • Personal print release

Price Starts From:





• 60+ minutes • All photos • Websize & high res • Online gallery delivery • Personal print release

Price Starts From:




Rush Delivery

B&W Gallery

Keepsake USB

Get your full gallery delivered in colour and black and white

Get your full Online gallery delivered in 4 days

All of your photos delivered on a keepsake usb

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I am completely open to creating what ever you have in mind or using whatever budget you are looking at

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Approach and Experience



Laid back and relaxed

Knowing what to expect from me as your photographer is important so all disappointment or conflict can be sidestepped! Being up close and centre can get some great shots but it can potentially ruin the day for others. I want to be as respectful as I can, staying out of the way usually around the sides.

Editing based of off your style

When it comes to editing style I like to create with your likes in mind. We will go over whether you prefer light and bright photos or dark and moody, lush and vibrant or faded vintage colours. Ultimately I will edit to what I think best suits the lighting, location and weather all while trying to incorporate your taste. All of my base packages come with basic colour correcting and editing, simple skin softening and retouching.


Low key and Natural

Having only been in the wedding industry for a few years I am constantly learning the best way to pose couples for photos. Having a very calm and relaxed personality I don't like to overly pose at a quick pace but rather help guide you and keep you interacting with each other. Expect lots of hugging, cuddling and and squishing close together.


Do you offer a payment plan?

what if the weather is bad?

Yes! I can split up your payments leading up to the shoot if you need! The full amount has to be paid on or before the shoot date.

I am good to go no matter the what the weather is like! But if the weather turns out to be not what you were hoping for we can absolutely reschedule!

How do we receive our photos?

How long will it take to get our photos?

All of the photos are delivered by an online gallery with exclusive download capabilities in multiple sizes for the main clients. Guest will be able to view and share the gallery depending on the privacy you choose. Keepsake usb drives can be added as an extra if you prefer or you are always able to save to your own usb afterwards from the online gallery.

Waiting for photos can be a drag but I always try to keep the excitement alive by providing a small sneak peek within 24 hours! Other than that portrait photos will typically be delivered in 1 week or less.

Are we allowed to print our photos?

Which photos do we receive out of the ones you take?

Yes!, personal print release is included! You are able to preview and order prints directly from the online gallery or you can get prints done on your own. The only thing you are not able to do is distribute the photos for commercial use or sell for a profit.

Everyone has different taste so including the majority of photos i take helps cater to something everyone likes. The culling is up to me to decide which photos to include or not, usually excluded photos are missed focus, extra duplicates or just plain bad shots. The funny bloopers are also included and I will incorporate a b&w here and there if there are duplicate shots.

Are there Travel fees?

The base price does not include travel fees. Once you inquire I will let you know if there will be travel fees or not. Most Kelowna and Shuswap locations don't have extra travel fees.

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